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Technical Staffing
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Augment your Technical Staff

$0 Until You Hire Staffing Model

1. Tell us your technical requirements for the role
2. We develop a custom technical exercise based on YOUR needs
3. Candidates complete the exercise, which is recorded 
4. You watch these videos on demand 
5. Select the candidate you want to interview
6. Save time and headaches by only speaking to the QUALIFIED candidates you want

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Watch Candidate Video Interviews on Your Own Time

Hiring can be time consuming. Any staffing agency can interview a candidate for professionalism. But how many staffing agencies can develop and execute technical interviews to vet candidates? Velocity Works’ proven technical screening approach will save you hours interviewing.

As a technical staffing company, Velocity Works develops a technical exercise for job candidates to complete. It is based on YOUR UNIQUE technical job requirements.

Technical staffing
Technical Staffing Video Interview

With the applicants consent, we record job applicants virtually demonstrate their technical proficiency as they walk through the technical exercise. We select and share the best candidates with you. You can watch their technical demonstration videos, and choose if you want to interview them.

Velocity Works unique recruiting process uncovers your true needs to only bring you qualified candidates. By using us, you can confidentially hire technical candidates for direct hire, contract-to-hire, temporary and consultant roles.

In just 15 minutes, we can gather the information we need to find excellent matches for your opening.

We charge $0 until you hire a candidate!

We Offer All Placement Options

to Hire

Whether you need direct placement, contract, contract-to-hire or managed offshore teams, Velocity Works has the domain knowledge and technical expertise to find you the best matches. We have a proven track record of helping employers overcome IT hiring challenges by personally testing all candidates to assess their technical aptitude and professionalism.

We have a wide array of experience in providing IT Staff Augmentation Services for startups and Fortune companies. Our goal is to offer you unique value and drive business growth. Do you need to make a permanent or direct hire, need to fill a short-term gap or require numerous resources for a critical project? If you are ready to attract highly-qualified candidates, contact us today.

Technical Staffing Specializations


Staffing areas we excel at include but are not limited to:

  • Solution architects
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Business Analysts
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Developers
  • Coders
  • Engineers
  • Help desk
  • Cyber Security
  • DevSecOps
  • GoLang
  • .NET
  • Angular
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • Python
  • C#
  • Spring Boot

Our Expertise Saves You Time

We have expertise recruiting engineering, software development, artificial intelligence (including machine learning, natural language processing, and more), DevSecOps, cybersecurity, and many other technical positions.

Whether you need to hire a GoLang, Ruby on Rails developer for a project, a solutions architect, an AWS expert to help with a part-time project, help desk staff, cyber security professionals or a computer systems analyst to design computer systems, we can help.

Screening Process

Stop wasting time screening unqualified candidates. Velocity Works uses an unmatched screening process to present you with only the best candidates.

During this process we:
· Ensure candidate meets requirements
· Assess technical capabilities
· Correlate behavioral competencies with job performance
· Focus on candidate quality, not quantity

Right Staff, Right Time

Using Velocity Works for your technical staff augmentation will ensure you hire the most technically-fit temporary or direct staff. Having an partner with the internal expertise to pre-screen candidates will reduce your time interviewing candidates.

Velocity Works is dedicated to finding you the talented temporary, contract, part -time, full-time, or a consultant partner that is the right fit for you and your company culture. Because of our deep roots in the IT industry and software engineering, we know how to find you the most qualified candidates.



Temporary Resources


When you need a temporary resource:
· Temporary, Contingent, Contract Professionals
· Specialized Experts
· Remote or On-Site Support
· Temp-to-Hire
· On-Demand Resources

Direct Hire Resources


We can help when you need to make a direct, long-term hire. The Velocity Works interview process screens for high-performance talent resulting in qualified, specialized individuals ready to join your team.