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Velocity Works develops and delivers superb software solutions tailored to your unique requirements and needs. We make custom software development simple and cost effective. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve helped enterprises exceed their business goals, improve efficiencies, and obtain a competitive advantage by turning their vision into an exceptional software product. Let us build you a solution that will grow with your business!

As a managed service provider and custom software development company, our team is made up of various technical experts. These experts include solution architects, program managers, product managers, scrum masters, software developers, business analysts, data scientists, application developers, UI/UX designers, QA testers, and other technical professionals. We are focused on transparency, communication, efficiency, and agile development to bring you an exceptionable and marketable product.

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Software Development Solution Services

We offer two key services:

1. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

Our dedicated tactical agile teams can effectively transform your product idea into an executable MVP and deliver you an implementation strategy. Through our MVP analysis, your product is set up for success with reduced risk and a faster time to market, as all stakeholders and team members are aligned to a single definition and plan. 

There are two components of our MVP process:

Phase 1: Discovery and Visioning
Through interviewing your end users, stakeholders and team members, we will document your vision as:
    • Personas (users)
    • User journeys (jobs the users perform)
    • Primary features (how the users will use the system to perform their job)
    • UI/UX mock-ups/prototypes (concepts for how user will interact the system)
As a result, we bring a clear single source of truth for a viable MVP delivery. 
Phase 2: Strategy and Translation
Once the MVP is defined, we determine the target architecture and implementation strategy including team and resource strategy, skill sets, and governance. In parallel, we build a product roadmap to visualize the planned feature deliverables. That way, we have a guide for what will be built, how it will work, and when it will be delivered.

2. Bringing Your Product To Life In A Unique Delivery

Our scalable, cross-functional teams are designed to bring your product to life. Our delivery engine is crafted to build and deliver custom-built, modern software products. From small to large, simple to complex, from data science projects to refreshing existing custom-built software, our unique Delivery as a Service model will deliver the results you need.

There are two components for our Delivery as a Service:

Phase 3: Implementation and Execution
Velocity Works is heavily vested in agile delivery via Scrum and Kanban, bringing to life agile program development specifically tailored to meet your needs and personnel.
Starting with Sprint 0, we ramp up the team providing Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI&D) and infrastructure so we can start delivery on Sprint 1. We then move into a repeatable and reliable execution and delivery cycle focused on continuous delivery and quality
Phase 4: Iteration and Adaption
After the MVP is delivered, we focus on small releases and optimize hosting. After each release, we learn and adapt your product and process due to multiple inputs such as direct user feedback, utilization, quality, and product acceptance.
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What Velocity Works Does Differently

We offer accelerated software delivery accompanied by strong project management. Every step of the way, you will know what to expect. Whether we are delivering new features while enhancing your current systems, building you a brand new mobile app, CRM for lead capture, staffing modules, a member portal in the healthcare space, or a complicated blockchain solution for a Fintech company, our culture is focused on getting your products to market fast.

Our goal is to remove the obstacles that prevent you from solving your complex business challenges. From personas to user journeys to solution architecture and the UI/UX experience, Velocity Works’ agile development process will bring your product to market, and do it efficiently. Whether you want to overhaul an ERP system, user machine learning and predictive analytics, develop a web or mobile app, or to integrate systems development and optimization, Velocity Works will build your solution right the first time, fast.

How We Guide You
Through Technical Projects

1. We engage in a design phase, often a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
2. Confirm scope, create personas & user stories
3. Upon completion, we start development (with approval)
4. Implement a full agile project team
5. Begin building, testing, and deliver the final product
6. We support and host the final vision of your product

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