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As a cloud consultancy, we develop an advantageous solution across technology stacks and environments such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud.

Cloud Cost Assessments

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Does your monthly cloud bill seem high?

If you need help understanding and reducing your monthly bill, we can help. As cloud economists, we can complete an assessment and update your systems to run cost effectively.

Using AWS as an example assessment we will review the following common questions:

  • How many AWS servers do you have running?
  • What is your process for controls and testing?
  • Are your instances running optimally?
  • Do you have idle AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances?
  • Have you configured alarms to notify you of servers averaging below or above a threshold?
  • How do I optimize my Elastic Block Store (EBS)?
  • What are the best practices for Amazon Relational Database Storage (RDS)?
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We complete the work so you don’t have to

Cloud environments consist of many services. Like any service, understanding the value and how to efficiently bring these systems together takes skills learned over time. Often companies don’t have the expertise on staff to manage their cloud environment at an optimal level.

If a company is looking at their AWS bill or dashboard and asks themselves “Is my AWS bill high?”, chances are, it is. Without a deep understanding of AWS, doing an assessment and optimization of AWS would take someone months to complete. As AWS experts, we can take the project off of your hands and get you immediate savings.

After optimizing AWS for a customer, other companies often charge customers 3% of the monthly savings for 12 - 24 months. This can quickly turn into thousands monthly, which doesn’t result in money back in your pocket.

The AWS optimization pays for itself

We only bill customers the actual cost of completing the optimization work, while other companies pocket 3% of the customers savings monthly.

The savings you will get from doing an AWS assessment and remediation will more than pay for us to complete the work! We have saved customers thousands monthly.

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How AWS Assessments Work


We analyze your bill.

We analyze your bill to understand the main areas of your spend and utilization. From there we can identify what areas need to be adjusted. This process takes 1 - 2 days.


We discuss our findings with you.

We will have a call or in-person meeting to discuss your complimentary AWS assessment, which includes your estimated monthly savings.


We optimize your AWS utilization.

If you’d like to move forward with us optimizing your AWS instance, we will provide an estimate to complete the work. The work itself takes 1 -3 weeks based on past customers.
Unlike other companies that will charge you 3% of the savings, we only charge you for optimizing your systems. We do this because it’s more cost-effective for you and it’s ethical. Anyone can overcharge a customer. We just want to bill you the actual cost of completing the work, rather than pocketing additional revenue monthly from your overall savings.


We check in with you.

You may want us to assess your future AWS utilization or monitor it monthly. If so, we can help you.

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